Top matress LOP 14cm


Height: 14cm (+/- 1)
Manufactured in all dimensions on request.

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White wadding with certified hypoallergenic properties from 100% polyester antibacterial fiber. Allows internal ventilation of the substrate and repels moisture.
It has excellent durability, elasticity and resilience.
It has been associated with sleep accessories and yet it is much more than that…
Foam material, specialized foam of the latest technology, specially designed for quilting use.
Elastic viscose (Memory Foam) of increased density, works in proportion to the body temperature. It minimizes pressure points, causing proper blood supply to the spine and limbs. This material creates conditions of “weightlessness” for the release of body pressure.
Each spring is housed separately in fabric pockets allowing each spring unit to react completely independently.
Latex material with unique elasticity, flexibility and excellent resilience. It adapts perfectly to the contours of the body, ensuring the distribution of the pressure on the body


140×190, 150×200, 160×200