Mattress Care



The dimensions of the mattress may deviate ± 1cm due to the nature of the materials, which in no way affects the behaviour of the mattress.

5 years warranty.

It has a zipper.

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Fabric with quilted avocado treatment.

White cotton wool with certified hypoallergenic properties from 100% polyester antibacterial fiber. Allows internal ventilation of the mattress and expels moisture. It has excellent strength, elasticity and resilience.

Specialized foam of the latest technology, specially designed for quilt use.

Independent spring unit that allows for partial elasticity and provides a high degree of support and regulates the distribution of pressure by body weight ensuring anatomy. 760 springs in 160 x 200 wire thickness 1.9mm and height 14cm.

High density and durable foam material that offers great elasticity, flexibility and uniformity, ensuring the maximum performance of the mattress.

Foam material of advanced technology which with its open cell structure allows the perspiration of air inside the mattress while providing great elasticity, excellent recovery and durability even after years of use.

High density foam material for the perimeter support of the mattress.



140×190, 150×200, 160×200