Baby mattress Bola


Mattress height: 18cm(The dimensions of the mattress may vary by +/- 1cm due to the nature of the materials, which in no way affects the behaviour of the mattress).

Guarantee: 5 years.

It has a zipper.

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Fabric with Aloe Vera quilting treatment.
White polyester pad, hypoallergenic, which offers elasticity and proper internal ventilation of the mattress.
Specialized foam of the latest technology specially designed for the use of quilting.
Hard white cotton filter for moisture absorption.
Bonnel type springs 2,3mm wire thickness 2,3mm height 10cm.
Laminated coir, sprayed with latex. The plant fibres are collected from the bark of the currant and have the form of a lattice, ensuring the durability and elasticity of the layer.
High density and high strength foam material that offers high elasticity, flexibility and uniformity, ensuring maximum performance of the mattress.